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The clinic has its regular opening hours (Monday-Thursday, 9AM-5PM and Fridays, 9AM-4PM).

Contact us by email, phone or our website form.

Since Covid-19 struck, Dr. Younger and his staff has worked hard to keep patients, staff, and the rest of the surrounding community safe. Our approach is a multifactorical one, based on staff and patients using PPE, physical distancing, and disinfection.

As a result, we have dramatically changed our clinic care including the number of in-clinic consultations and follow-ups, and instead offer them by phone or Zoom. Our patients seem to generally enjoy this, since it keeps them safe, it requires less travel and time off work, without negatively affecting the level of attention or treatment by. Dr. Younger.

Dr. Younger will still see the following patient categories for in clinic consultations:

  • All cosmetic procedures
  • Septorhinoplasty
  • Initial follow-up consultations are done in the clinic but will gradually be transformed to phone or Zoom consultations.

These can also be offered by Zoom, but rhinoplasty and septorhinoplasty do require minimum one in-clinic visit so that Dr. Younger can scope your nose.

All initial consultations and follow-up visits for skin cancer patients are done by Telehealth until further notice. The only procedures that are done at the hospital or at our clinic are the actual skin resections and suture removals.

The following initiatives are implemented to keep you safe, and prevent spread in our community:

  1. We ask you to fill in a digital intake form at home before you come in to see us, to minimise the time you spend in our waiting room.
  2. If you have ANY symptoms of a cold or flu, please call us instead of entering the clinic.
  3. We ask only patients to enter the clinic. Please leave family members at home or outside.
  4. Please wear a mask. We will all be wearing one.
  5. When you check in, please disinfect your hands using the alco-gel at our reception desk. Pump x 1 and rub your hands for 20 seconds.
  6. We space patients in our waiting room, which means that you are very unlikely to meet other patients.
  7. We have sneeze guards in the reception area between you and our staff when you check in.
  8. We frequently disinfect all surfaces in the clinic.

Like Dr. Henry says: Be kind, be calm, be safe.

We can beat this virus together. We all just need to follow the guidelines that have been put in place to protect us.

Dr. Ritchie Younger & Staff

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