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Often overlooked, the chin is an important feature for facial balance and proportion. If your chin is too weak or too prominent, we can change the underlying structure and correct it. Dr. Younger’s chin surgery procedures in Vancouver are designed to add balance for a more harmonious and aesthetically-anchored facial profile.

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Chin Augmentation or Reduction Surgery in Vancouver by Dr. Ritchie Younger

Chin augmentation is an operation that changes a person’s profile by bringing out the chin. It often is performed at the same time as nasal surgery.

Chin reduction surgery involves removing excess bone from the chin button, providing an improvement when the chin protrudes excessively.

If the problem is not the chin itself, but rather the excess skin that has collected under the chin, a facelift may be necessary rather than chin surgery.

Chin surgery procedures

During chin augmentation surgery, Dr. Younger will make an incision inside the mouth and a sterile surgical material that has practically the same consistency as the soft tissues of the chin is inserted and secured with screws just in front of the jawbone. The skin overlying the implant retains its smooth contour, and the implant itself becomes virtually undetectable after a short time. This operation can be combined easily with the removal of fat and a small amount of skin from underneath the chin.

On the other hand, chin reduction is accomplished by using an instrument much like a dental drill, through a small incision in the fold beneath the chin, or through a small incision in the mouth.

Healing time after chin surgery

After chin surgery, some swelling and bruising can be expected. Most of the swelling usually subsides within the first week, the bruising within a couple of weeks. There may be some mild discomfort for a short time after surgery.

Chin surgery results

Significant improvements should be noticed immediately following surgery. The chin will look even more natural and attractive as the swelling and bruising subside in the weeks following.

Dr. Younger gives an overview of chin augmentation surgery and its benefits.

Double Chin Liposuction

Submental liposuction or double chin liposuction is a procedure that Dr. Younger performs in a very select group of patients who have a lot of fat just below their chin. In the era of 1980 to 1990, some clients had a lot of fat taken out of this area, which caused less than stellar results. This was usually done by non-board certified surgeons, who did not understand that everyone needs some subcutaneous fat below the chin to contour the upper neck in a natural way; you may otherwise end up looking gaunt in an unnatural way.

In certain patients, double chin liposuction can be performed under local anaesthesia. Dr. Younger then uses freezing for the neck and lower face before the actual liposuction.

It takes about 1 hour to do this procedure. Clients can go back to work in 3 to 4 days. You may need to wear a compression garment around your chin and neck to keep some pressure on the area and avoid unnecessary swelling. It will take typically 8 to 12 months for things to heal completely.

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