Donia’s Rhinoplasty Journey (Part 1)

Plastic surgery was once taboo. Its critics said those who choose plastic surgery are probably vain, dissatisfied and unable to accept who they are. Those who “had work done” often felt they had to hide it, or else face judgement and disapproval — even from their closest friends and family.

Fortunately, times are changing. Today we’re able to see plastic surgery for what it really is: an opportunity to express your inner self by transforming your outer self. Plastic surgery procedures create a more harmonious and balanced image, allowing you to show the world who you’ve always known yourself to be. It isn’t just about beauty. It’s about feeling comfortable in your skin.

Rhinoplasty, a popular plastic surgery procedure that modifies the nose, is performed for various reasons. There are functional purposes that help patients breathe and sleep better. It can also be a personal aesthetic choice to achieve more balance in a patient’s facial structure.

Donia, a 20-year-old makeup artist who received a rhinoplasty from Dr. Younger, knows that plastic surgery is not something to be ashamed of. She underwent the procedure for a variety of reasons and is excited to share her story. Donia is thrilled with her results and encourages anyone interested in the procedure to learn about how it can transform their image and perception of themselves.

This is Donia’s rhinoplasty journey.

Cultural Connection

Deciding to have rhinoplasty performed is a personal decision. But for Donia, the decision was also a familial one. Donia describes rhinoplasty as a sort of rite of passage in Persian culture.

“I’m Persian, and it’s kind of in our culture to get a nose job,” she says. “I was often told by my family, ‘you’re such a cute girl, but you’re going to be so much cuter once you get your nose job.’ It was always when you’re going to get it, not if you’re going get it.”

Donia was eager to undergo the procedure at a young age. Not only because her family was supportive of the decision but also because she felt uncomfortable with the appearance of her nose. Having a deviated septum, a condition where there is a displacement of the wall between the nasal passages, which makes it difficult to breathe, also made her curious about the functional aspect of the procedure. By the time she was 15, she was committed to the procedure.

“I never wore sunglasses because I never felt that they went good with my nose. I felt it was too big,” Donia says. “I would get bullied a lot because of my nose. So, I hated my nose then. When I got into high school, I was kind of like, my nose is fine, but I still want that nose job. I want my nose to be better than fine.”

Donia would spend years looking into the procedure before officially deciding to move forward. Finally, she was certain it was the right choice for her and that she’d have a strong support system to lean on.

“My whole family was really supportive about my decision. I feel like after having the procedure… I feel like me. Like, this is the nose I should have been born with.”

Meeting Dr. Ritchie Younger

After researching the procedure for a couple of years, Donia finally decided to look into doctors who had the experience she desired. She wanted one who would shape her nose into something more petite and beautiful yet still representative of her ethnic heritage. Doing some searching online, she found the RealSelf page of Dr. Ritchie Younger of Younger Facial Surgery Centre.

“I was worried about getting the procedure in Canada because there are a lot more white people than Persians,” she says. “I was worried if I found a doctor, they would only be able to perform on one skin type. But I found Dr. Younger, and he was perfect for the procedure when it comes to thicker skin and the different types of noses that Middle Eastern people have.”

Donia scheduled a consultation with Dr. Younger. She planned on meeting with other doctors of other practices afterward to make certain she chose the best in rhinoplasty, but after one consultation with Dr. Younger, she was confident that he could achieve the look she wanted.

“I was nervous, initially,” she says, reflecting on the time before her consultation. “But I’m glad that we had the computer imaging so I could see what could be possible with my nose. That was really useful. Dr. Younger did the computer imaging and asked, ‘What do you think of this? What do you think needs to be changed?’ And then I was able to say everything that I liked. I felt really heard.”

Donia’s consultation was a success. But two more years would go by until she made the official decision to undergo rhinoplasty.

Lockdown Decision

Donia’s decision to have her procedure came during one of the most turbulent times in recent memory. COVID-19 swept around the world and changed life everywhere. With more time spent at home, Donia’s mind was left to wander, and she found herself feeling bored.

“I was cutting my hair into bangs. I was doing stick and poke tattoos. I was just really bored and craving something to do,” Donia says.

Then it dawned on her. She asked herself:

“Why not get a nose job? I’ve been planning it for years.”

Donia made her decision. She called the Younger Facial Surgery Centre’s offices in June of 2020 and set up an appointment with Dr. Younger. She felt nervous but being under lockdown gave her mind ease because she knew it would allow her time to recover from the procedure.

“I had the consultation, but I waited so long. Then COVID happened, and I was like, I’m going to be stuck at home for a couple of months anyway, so I called them and asked if there was any availability. I decided to do it under lockdown.”

If you’re interested in learning more about rhinoplasty and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ritchie Younger of Younger Facial Surgery Centre, please contact us at 604-738-3223 or visit our contact page.

Part 2 of Donia’s Journey

“Donia made up her mind. After spending years considering rhinoplasty, she decided she was finally ready to move forward with the surgery. But her decision came at a time when the world was changing drastically.”

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