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Heidi at Younger Facial Surgery Centre

Meet Heidi

Heidi Daly is our Office Manager and Patient Coordinator. With more than twenty years of experience running medical and dental offices, Heidi’s organization skills are matched by her dedication to patients.

Heidi is the person you will first meet to when you enter our clinic. She works at the front desk where she handles the busy flow of phone calls, faxes and e-mails from patients and other medical clinics. She is also responsible for scheduling of patients and providing pre- and post-operative instructions.

If you want to book or discuss a procedure, do not hesitate to reach out.


Amanda at Younger Facial Surgery Centre

Meet Amanda

Amanda has been with the Youngerface team since 2018, and is coming back as our new Surgical Coach, after having baby Willow. Mandy for short, works online and follows up with you after your initial consultation to answer any questions you may have. She also teaches you how to prepare for surgery to get optimal results. After surgery, she checks in with you and supports you throughout the healing process.

Mandy has a multi-faceted educational background with a Community Support Worker Diploma, Medical Terminology, a Criminology diploma as well as training as from a Nursing Clerk Program focussing on pharmacology, transcription, and orders.

If you are interested in discussing cosmetic surgery, do not hesitate to reach out.


Lena at Younger Facial Surgery Centre

Meet Lena

Lena Normén-Younger is the Business Director of the clinic. She has a PhD in clinical nutrition and has extensive work experience working with patient information and regulatory rules from her previous career as a clinical researcher.

Lena runs the financial side of the clinic. She oversees the marketing and social media strategies and analyses the patient flow to make sure the right services are provided. Lena also hires and manages the staff, manages payroll, taxes, fees and all other economic aspects.

Natalie at Younger Facial Surgery Centre

Meet Natalie

Natalie Parente is our Client Coordinator. She has extensive experience from administrative work at different medical clinics. Before she joined the Youngerface Team, she worked for Lasik MD and the North Shore Medical Group in North Vancouver. She is currently working on a bachelor degree in nursing.

Natalie’s main responsibility is for entering and confirming referrals from other medical offices, record keeping and quality control of the administrative side of the clinic work. She also answers emails from other medical clinics, and supports our cosmetic patients throughout the surgical and healing process.

If you are interested in discussing cosmetic surgery, do not hesitate to reach out to Natalie. Natalie also answers our special phone line for referring clinics, and can help you with updates and other information about referrals.

If you are interested in selling a clinical product or service, organising a practicum or discussing marketing and social media, please contact.

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