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Dear Dr. Younger,

Thank you so much for taking me on as a patient and for fixing the scars around my ears and improving the aesthetics of my face. I am no longer afraid to put my hair up because of the scars which has increased my confidence and quality of life. You are talented, honest, funny and have a good heart. I feel very grateful to have come across a wonderful surgeion like you.

– Grateful Patient 

I had treatment done for the first time at Dr. Younger’s office and was really nervous, BUT he was amazing! Dr. Younger made me feel extremely comfortable along with his sense of humour adds a great touch to the whole experience.

I highly recommend his office!-

– Lesley (Facelift)


My upper eyelids were droopy and made me look tired. Make-up made no improvement. I decided to consult Dr. Younger to explore eyelid surgery. I received honest and straightforward answers as to a realistic outcome. For me, the professional and attentive care from the experienced team at Younger Facial Surgery Centre made all the difference. I healed quickly and was delighted with the end result…..me but refreshed and rested looking. Thank you Dr. Younger!

The procedure exceeded my expectations… I wish I had done it sooner!

– Claudia (Eyelid Lift, 56 year-old)


I have found my experience throughout to be very professional and thorough, with a good dose of humour. Dr. Younger and Heidi keep you well informed at all stages & the follow up is very thorough.

“I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Lorelei (Facelift, 58 year-old)


Dr. Younger has provided me with a few BOTOX injections during the last few years.

“I am very happy with the treatment he has provided, and find him to be utmost professional, pleasant and considerate.”

What I really like about him is that you get very honest answers when you ask about different procedures, the potential outcome and how well they potentially would work for you. My BOTOX treatments look very natural, just as I wished. Dr. Younger also has a great sense of humour and is easy to talk to.

Elisabeth (Botox, 61 year-old)


“Dr. Younger is an excellent doctor who works with a very supportive and professional team.”

I had a number of unsightly moles on face and body. There was no way of covering them up with make-up and I knew that they would keep growing. Other clinics that I had been in contact with had a level of service and attitude that made me uncomfortable and prevented me from pursuing a resolution to my problem. Dr Younger removed the moles painlessly and once they were treated they healed quickly – problem gone. Your treatment allowed me to forget about those growing spots and instead to focus on other aspects of my life. Thank you to you and your staff for your friendly and professional care.

Tracy (Mole Removal, 50 year-old)


My experience with Dr. Younger was excellent and I am pleased with the results. The precision and professionalism employed, along his strong rapport with clients, will leave you comfortable in your decision work with him.

“I highly recommend Younger Facial Surgery to anyone expecting care and attention in pursuit of personal improvement.”

Ralph (Eyelids, 38 year-old)

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