Why Having A Dedicated Plastic Surgery Coach Elevates Your Experience and Recovery

Considering whether or not to get plastic surgery is an emotional rollercoaster. Even when you feel confident in your decision to have a procedure, there are likely still moments of anxiety and uncertainty along the way. This is why having an experienced plastic surgery coach can make all the difference before, during and after your surgery. 

At Younger Plastic Surgery, Amanda serves as a dedicated coach to clients from their first consultation through their 12-month post-operative period. As someone who has personally undergone rhinoplasty herself, Amanda understands the mental and physical hurdles these procedures can bring. She helps clients prepare realistically while providing emotional and logistical support so patients feel empowered and reassured throughout the process.

As a coach, Amanda is involved at every step. She guides clients on the best preparation for surgery day, including recommendations on pillows, clothing, food and other arrangements to maximize comfort. On the day of the procedure, Amanda is there to greet patients and be a familiar face, offering encouragement. 

In the days and weeks after surgery, this is where Amanda’s personal experience becomes invaluable for clients. She checks in and is available by email 24/7 to answer any questions or address concerns about pain, swelling, recovery complications or anything else that comes up. She draws from her own rhinoplasty recovery to provide tips and manage expectations. Amanda also diligently follows up with patients on a defined schedule, allowing clients to focus on healing with peace of mind, knowing expert support is there if needed.

For Dr. Younger and his staff, having Amanda as a plastic surgery coach allows them to concentrate on providing exceptional surgical care and results. Patients’ emotional and post-care needs are handled by someone who has walked in their shoes. This brings great relief to both the patient and the practice alike.  

Ultimately, the best plastic surgery outcomes happen when patients feel confident in their doctor and are thoroughly prepared for the complete experience. With her unique qualifications and commitment, Amanda provides this invaluable coaching role for Dr. Younger’s clients.


What You Can Expect From a Surgery Coach

Here’s a rhinoplasty client’s journey from initial consultation to full recovery with the help of Amanda as a plastic surgery coach.


Getting Started – The Initial Consultation

– Dr. Younger meets the client for the first time, builds rapport and listens to their reasons for wanting rhinoplasty  

– Educates on details of the procedure and what to expect, answers all questions

– The Younger Plastic Surgery schedules the procedure


Preparation Phase – Relationship Begins with Amanda

– Recommends tips, including best pillows and sleeping positions post-surgery  

– Provides a list of items to have at home ahead of return from hospital

– Explains medication regimen pre & post operation 

– Goes over the day-of timeline and what to expect at the clinic/hospital  


Surgery & Hospital Stay

– Amanda meets the client that morning to boost spirits and reassure  

– Checks in on client upon leaving surgery – explains recovery room equipment & when discharge is anticipated

– Review discharge instructions with the client regarding ice packs, keeping head elevated, etc.


At Home After Surgery

– Explains typical side effects of first 24-72 hrs like swelling, bruising and pain and offers solutions

– Stress the importance of rest & good nutrition for healing

– Provides doctor’s direct contact info for any worrisome questions/issues 

– Set up follow-up schedule for at-home visits, changing dressings, etc. 

– Checks in daily by phone/email for the first week


Longer-Term Follow-Up & Recovery

– Follow-ups at two weeks, six weeks and three months at the clinic to track healing  

– Amanda monitors for signs of infection requiring medical care  

– Available for questions/counseling on emotional adjustment during recovery 

– Provides tips to manage scarring and aid healing

– Celebrates the achievement!


Amanda’s Special Touch

What sets Amanda apart in her role guiding Dr. Younger’s patients goes beyond her own personal history with rhinoplasty. Amanda completed her degree in social work and counseling. This allows her to leverage professional training in areas like crisis intervention and trauma, which are relevant when supporting those undergoing significant medical procedures. 

Her education and natural talents make Amanda highly approachable to clients ready to discuss plastic surgery decisions. With an empathetic listening style and thoughtful problem-solving perspective, Amanda helps patients feel genuinely heard and cared for during sensitive consultations and vulnerable recovery periods. 

As a mom, Amanda also draws on natural nurturing instincts and an ability to encourage clients compassionately. For Dr. Younger’s international patient base, traveling to Vancouver for care, navigating travel, language barriers and follow-up care in their home countries can be overwhelming. Amanda helps coordinate all aspects for these patients so they can focus on healing.

Behind Amanda’s professional qualifications, she has a unique ability to establish meaningful connections with clients on a genuine human level. From lighthearted humor when tensions run high to compassionate listening when fears creep in, Amanda uses emotional intelligence to meet each patient wherever they are. She intuitively personalizes her approach based on their unique personality, background and surgery goals. 

Amanda becomes invested in their transformation, almost as if it were her own. This heart-centered emphasis on the person behind the procedure is what patients appreciate most. It’s this special touch that sets Amanda apart.

While still rare for plastic surgery offices, dedicated patient coaches like Amanda should be the norm. Her unique blend of relevant personal experience, professional credentials and genuine interpersonal skills promotes patient confidence and optimal outcomes.


Visit an Exceptional Plastic Surgeon in Vancouver

While many plastic surgeons focus extensively on surgical artistry and medical aspects when working with patients, Dr. Younger stands out with his investment in Amanda’s role as a dedicated patient coach. Few practices worldwide offer this comprehensive degree of customized support, education and care coordination surrounding the entire patient journey. In partnering so closely with Amanda, Dr. Younger provides a concierge-caliber experience that attends to both physical and emotional needs through every step.

Dr. Ritchie Younger is a globally recognized Vancouver plastic surgeon focused exclusively on complex rhinoplasty and facial reconstructive procedures. Contact his office here to schedule your consultation to see their state-of-the-art facility and ask about working with patient coach Amanda for superior support through any procedure. 

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