Is It Time to Trade In Your Botox Appointments for a Facelift?

I love Botox, you love Botox, we ALL love Botox! Since the introduction of wrinkle reducers and other injectables in 2002, over 11 million people have enjoyed these less invasive treatments to treat the signs of aging. Why? It’s relatively affordable, easy to have done in a short time and the recovery time is almost nonexistent.

But if you find yourself returning more frequently than before to keep those wrinkles and sagging skin at bay, it may be time for a new choice. According to the Aesthetics Society – an organization at the forefront of research and education – brow and facelift procedures increased by 54% in 2021.

Dr. Younger has noticed an increase at Younger Facial Surgery Centre as well. Is it time you thought about a change in your cosmetic care routine? There are many reasons for an affirmative answer to that question. Let’s talk about them.

Why Consider a Change in Treatments?

Facelifts last longer. You may be happy with Botox, but more frequent visits may have you wondering if there’s a way to get longer-lasting results. One great selling point for injectables is that they are temporary. But it stands to reason that if you’re returning over and over for nonpermanent injections to create a permanent look, you might as well get a facelift that will last years instead of months.

Use of facial expressions. Another reason you may want to think about moving from injections to surgery is purely aesthetic. Facelifts may give you a more natural look than Botox. One of the biggest concerns with patients of wrinkle-reducing injectables is the worry that it will result in a “frozen” look where you appear stonefaced and less alive. And that worrying can give you more unwanted wrinkles.

A wise investment. And what about the cost factor? You might find yourself spending $1000 every few months on Botox upkeep. While that makes each appointment more affordable than a surgical procedure, it becomes more expensive over time.

What’s the Difference of Facelift vs. Botox Procedures?

What’s Botox?

Botox and other wrinkle reducers use a form of botulinum neurotoxin to arrest your muscle movements. This helps relax the face in places where wrinkles form so they can appear smoother and avoid deepening. Over time your skin will also prevent some signs of aging, simply because the restricted movement won’t allow it. While this is a selling point for most, some patients can feel that this blocks the ability to display their genuine expressions and emotions.

Injections are administered in the office after a detailed consultation where the locations and level of wrinkle-reducing and prevention desired are determined. Local anesthesia or numbing may be applied before your injections. Your doctor will then deliver the Botox, followed by a brief recovery period immediately after. The entire appointment typically takes around an hour. Over the next few days, the results will increase until they reach the maximum outcome.

What’s a Facelift?

During a 2 – 4 hour total facelift surgery, incisions are made along your crease lines, taking into account your natural hairline. It starts at the temple hair area, continuing down to the ear fold, around the earlobe and up. Excess skin is removed and the facial dermis is lifted before reattaching along the cutlines with sutures and metal clips. You may choose to have a mini facelift instead of the entire face, which you can discuss at your consultation appointment.

Any facelift can be performed under local or general anesthetic, based on what’s best for your needs. Dr. Younger often performs facelifts under local anesthetic to allow quicker and easier recovery after the surgery, better results and fewer risks overall. After swelling is completely down and recovery is complete, you will see your results.

Which Really Looks More Natural?

The true answer is that you should ask your doctor for your expected results. Many factors determine which option is the choice for you: skin type, past experiences, age and desired outcome. And sometimes, different procedures will be used at other times in your life or in concert with one another. You should create an anti-aging plan with an expert you can trust to help you achieve your goals. Here are some general guidelines and ideas to help you form opinions before your consultation.

Botox is often the first step in medical wrinkle removal treatments due to its quick application, reasonable pricing and temporary results. This low investment option is attractive when dipping your toe into the pool of cosmetic procedures. But it may not always be right for you.

Facelift surgery is an excellent choice for people who communicate a lot for their jobs: actors, anchorpersons, real estate agents, doctors and others. That’s because it’s vital for those who interact with the public to maintain the function of their facial expressions, including micro-expressions. And it’s important not just to look good in photos but to function in real life, day-to-day life when your face needs to move and communicate.


Can You Keep Your Facial Expressions?

How we move our faces is part of our personality and makes us who we are. It’s unique to each of us. Humans (and animals, too) read expressions to determine context and emotion while connecting. With some injectables, you may feel that you can lose that.

With facelift surgery, all your facial muscles remain working, which will continue to reveal your true personality through your expressions and movements while still looking young. Most patients report compliments from friends and family who state that they appear more rested and happier.

If you’re nervous that a facelift will be too big of a change for you, don’t. It’s the opposite. A facelift can look even more natural than injectables without a fake “I’ve had something done” result, especially with the right surgeon.

Why Do So Many People Including Celebrities Come to Dr. Younger for Botox and Facelifts?

Dr. Ritchie Younger is often recommended by other doctors and professionals throughout Canada and the United States. In part, it’s because he specializes in making sure you will look natural while maintaining and enhancing your beauty.

Learn about your facelift, mini lift and brow lift surgery options at Younger Facial Surgery Centre here and let us help you make the best choices on your anti-aging journey.

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